Planning a Business Conference at a HotelPlanning a Business Conference at a Hotel

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Planning a Business Conference at a Hotel

Hi, my name is Constance, and I am so glad that you have found my blog. I am a lifelong lover of travelling, and a few years ago, I began to help my boss plan our office's annual retreat. I learned a lot through both of these processes, and I wanted to share that information in the form of a blog. In this space, I plan to write about planning conferences, choosing hotels for your event, working with the hotel hospitality representative and more. I hope that you enjoy exploring and that you and your staff have a nice conference as a result of the info you find here!

Get The Best Deals On Hotel Accommodations

If you are planning on doing some traveling, you are going to need to find great places to stay. While you can spend hundreds of dollars a night for just a basic room, there are things you can do to spend less money and get better accommodations. One thing you can do is book early. For example, if you are planning on attending an event, book your room as soon as possible. The closer it gets to the event, the more expensive accommodations are going to be. Here are some more tips to help you get the best accommodation deals.

Look for Special Offers and Freebies

Even if you have to pay full price for a room, you may be able to get special perks or freebies that will make the cost worth it. For instance, look for properties that offer things like free breakfasts (not continental, but full breakfasts), free parking, free shuttle service to and from airports, free upgrades, etc. Also look for properties that have the most amenities. You could spend $200 per night on a room at one hotel that has no amenities, or pay the same price and have access to a swimming pool, workout room, etc.

Be Flexible with Travel Dates

The more flexible you are with your travel plans, the better deals you are going to get. If your travel plans are not set in stone, you may find that you can get better accommodation rates if you travel during the off-season and not during the peak travel season. In fact, many places will offer additional discounts to get those empty rooms filled during the off-season. Not only can you get better room rates, you can also often get better rates on local attractions when it is not peak-season. Another great tip is to travel during the week and not the weekend, when hotel rates are higher.

Be Flexible about Locations

You can save a lot of money by staying at properties that are a bit off the beaten path. If you are visiting a city, look at accommodations in the outlying areas. There may be enough of a price difference that it will be worth it, even if you do have to take cabs, buses, or trains to the attractions you want to see.

Find out about Hidden Charges

Before you give any credit card information to pay for your accommodations, make sure that you ask about all of the charges involved. If the room is supposed to cost one price, then that is the price you should see on your bill. You don't want to be surprised by any hidden charges.

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