Planning a Business Conference at a HotelPlanning a Business Conference at a Hotel

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Planning a Business Conference at a Hotel

Hi, my name is Constance, and I am so glad that you have found my blog. I am a lifelong lover of travelling, and a few years ago, I began to help my boss plan our office's annual retreat. I learned a lot through both of these processes, and I wanted to share that information in the form of a blog. In this space, I plan to write about planning conferences, choosing hotels for your event, working with the hotel hospitality representative and more. I hope that you enjoy exploring and that you and your staff have a nice conference as a result of the info you find here!

Are hotel reward programs worth it?

If you are a regular business traveler your hotel might offer you the opportunity to join one of their loyalty programs. If you are wondering if it's worth it to join hotel reward programs here are some things to consider. 

Can you always access that chain of hotels?

If you travel to a range of locations you might find that some of the chains are not that popular in some areas, so you might only be able to stay in the chain of hotels on some trips such as chains which only service one country. This can reduce the worth of a loyalty program if you have a varied travel schedule. 

Can you use multiple rewards programs on the same booking?

Many hotels are also aligned with other loyalty programs such as frequent flier programs. It may be worth keeping all of your reward accruals in one program for ease of tracking if you are not allowed to use multiple reward programs with a single booking.

What are the benefits of the programme?

If you are a business traveller the majority of your expenses will be paid for by your employer, so discounts on room rates may not be as exciting. (Although you may get some extra brownie points with the boss for keeping costs low). However, many programs offer other benefits such as accelerated check-in procedures and free room upgrades, which can be extremely valuable for the busy business traveller. Extra nights can also be great if you want to use this chain of hotels for a holiday at a later point, but it is worth checking any restrictions around using free nights during peak periods such as Christmas and New Year's. 

Are there any costs associated?

If there are no costs associated, it can be worth joining the program even if you do not use it regularly, simply for the additional benefits mentioned above. If there is a cost it's worth working out what benefits you would receive based on your normal travel patterns, and seeing if the joining price seems worth it. 

In many cases, free hotel reward programs can be a great way for business travellers to access extra benefits to make their corporate travel easier. If you join up to a program it's well worth reading any documentation you receive as there are often benefits that aren't as widely know associated with hotel programs including accelerated check-in.