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Planning a Business Conference at a Hotel

Hi, my name is Constance, and I am so glad that you have found my blog. I am a lifelong lover of travelling, and a few years ago, I began to help my boss plan our office's annual retreat. I learned a lot through both of these processes, and I wanted to share that information in the form of a blog. In this space, I plan to write about planning conferences, choosing hotels for your event, working with the hotel hospitality representative and more. I hope that you enjoy exploring and that you and your staff have a nice conference as a result of the info you find here!

Want Incredible Holiday Memories? Why You Should Travel in the Low Season

When people take a holiday, they expect every detail to be absolutely perfect. That the sun will always be shining, that the service they experience will be top notch, and that they will return home with incredible memories.

Yes, those memories and experiences are incredibly important, but as unpopular as the view might be, you don't need to travel in the peak season in order to create those memories. The jungles of Thailand in rainy season, Indonesia during Ramadan, and India during monsoon offer so much to the traveller who is open to experience.

And it's true that low season travel might not be quite as easy in some respects, but here things that make it a great choice.

You'll have your pick of accommodations. When you travel in peak season, you have to book all your hotel stays in advance, and even then, if you are not quick off the mark, you might not end up in a hotel that you really love. In the low season, that's just not a problem. In fact, in many places you won't have to pre-book at all. If you are feeling adventurous, you can simply arrive in a destination, walk around, and make a few enquiries. This way you will get a real sense of the location of the property, you can test the firmness of the bed, and even negotiate a great low season rate in person.

Check out accommodations like Motel Travelway to start getting an idea about your options.

You can explore your surroundings like a local. Most people wouldn't travel to a destination like Indonesia in the height of summer because of how difficult it can be to find food vendors when the holy festival of Ramadan is taking place. But this doesn't mean to say that you can't visit the country at this time. If you are less interested in ticking off important sites that you have visited and more interested in actually exploring the intricacies of a local culture, these kind of off-season insights will make your holiday totally unforgettable.

You'll save money. When you travel in the low season, you will be able to source much cheaper flights, tours, excursions, and in some places you might even be able to find deals on restaurant meals. For so many people, holidays are something they have to save up for and then they have no money left when they return home, but if you travel in the low season, you can enjoy a spectacular holidays and still have change in your purse.